Thursday, August 26, 2010


Somehow my editing stuff got screwed up and it wont let me change my background or title or picture or anything all it will let me do is fiddle with the going crazy please help!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

New beginnings

Where to start...I haven't blogged in awhile. I just haven't wanted to. Nothing was new sure stories here and there but life has become mundane to me but alas Ive come back to the blogging world for a tiny update.

1.I got a job. I have been home since June and have been searching relentlessly for a job. Some may call me crazy but I didn't just want any job to fill the gap until I found the perfect one. Night after night and every opportunity of fasting I finally got a great job! I don't regret being picky. I work at Habit Salon. I have wanted to be in a salon for forever! Right now it is part time and I'm okay with that. I assist a stylist there and honestly for only being there 4 days I have already learned so much and enjoy being at work.

2.This may not be big for some but for me it is. I have MY OWN ROOM. You may chuckle I do too when I tell my sap story. Growing up I always shared a room with Alyssa my younger sister and finally when I was 18 got my own room for about a year before I moved away and then shared for 2 years and when I moved home I had to share until the basement was renovated and finally I have my own room! I am enjoying decorating it and putting the finishing touches on it.

3. Dating sucks. Simple as that. Men don't know how to treat girls. I don't want to be your cuddle buddy or midnight call. Trust me your ego will dwindle if you try. I'm fine with the saying whatever happens will happen and ill take it one day at a time but come one guys Call me up ask me on a date get to know me don't play coy and try and "hangout" for as long as you can. Ill put you in the friend category.

For now that is all I can muster into a post Maybe next time ill have pictures of other adventures :)!