Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Obsession...

I absolutley LOVE crafts especially making head bands. I have about 15 now cause they are so fun to do. My most recent ones were prolly my most creative. One of them is just a regular yellow flower that I glued on top of eachother to make bigger and glued onto a headband and my other one is my favorite! Julie and I went to michaels and fell in love with these purple flowers and then we went to DI to buy sweatshirts where we cut off the arms and sewed them into head bands and superglued the flowers on. The before.
The during.

The After.
The Yellow Flower Headband.

My Favorite :)

If I Could I would make this into a business I love it so much but until then I will just enjoy my fun hobby.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Home Sweet Home..

Lately I have been a bit home sick for Arizona and all it's goodness. As great as Utah has been Im missing some of my favorite things in good ol AZ. I miss Gecko Grill alot. Utah does NOT know what Mexican food means and I have been missing this place alot.
Im missing the Arziona Scenery.Utah has some beautiful scenery but it does NOT compare to these sunsets that I miss so dearly.
Right now spring is in full bloom in Arizona while in Utah there is still snow on the ground. I miss these great oranges and the smells they bring during spring time.

And what I miss most of all is my Family! Its great that their only a phone call away but its not the same as seeing them in person. Thier my best friends and I miss them the most!
6 weeks Arizona and I will be seeing you for good!