Monday, February 22, 2010

Loving Yourself

I was reading Britney's blog today and one of her posts stood out to me a lot so im going to copy her :)

“I testify that no one of us is less treasured or cherished of God than another. I testify that He loves each of us—insecurities, anxieties, self-image, and all. He doesn’t measure our talents or our looks; … He cheers on every runner, calling out that the race is against sin, not against each other.” Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

So here's what I(she) decided: we are all going to participate in a little exercise today. I'll start, you'll follow.First, we are going to name 3 physical traits that we actually like about ourselves. Then, we are going to name 3 talents we have. Next, we'll state 3 accomplishments we are proud of. After that, we will name 3 personality traits or qualities of ours we are glad we have. And last, we will name 3 people that we know love us unconditionally -- faults, insecurities and all.

Here goes:

Physical Traits
1. My button nose
2. My eyes
3. My smile

1. Cooking
2. Crafts
3. Softball

1. Living on my own in another state
2. Getting my license in hair
3. Being independent

Personality Traits/Qualities
1. Forgiving heart
2. Patience
3. Strong testimony

People that Love Me
1. My Heavenly Father/Jesus Christ
2. My parents
3. My sisters

Im not having some identity crises Im just grateful for who I am and I think we all should be grateful for who we are. Heavenly Father made us and he doesn't make mistakes.

So lets all celebrate our uniqueness and embrace our attributes and faults.
Happy Monday :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

I love..

I love....
*my family
*the gospel(scriptures prayers bishop ward)
*my room mates
*my friends
*my patriarticle blessing
*a clean apartment
*spring time
*orange blossoms
*my job
*my volunteer job
*good music

Today's a good day :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

"Love is not just looking at each other, but looking in the same direction"

I am in major miss mode these past couple weeks. I can't seem to get completely out of this funk and I know many have tried to help but I just feel its impossible at this moment. I have so much to be thankful for and have been blessed immensely for starters....
-I just got a part time nanny job....literally the greatest thing to ever happen and I did a happy dance and said multiple prayers of thanks.
-I have the best room mates..especially Julie she makes things so much better and I am so grateful to have a friend like her she's amazing!
-I have a great ward and Bishopric...first singles ward that I've actually felt comfortable at.
-I have an amazing family who care for me so much.
These our just some of my many blessings but I guess they don't fill the hole in my heart that hurts. I miss my family a lot. I wish they were a walk away and not a phone call away. It's hard being away from them. I miss my bed at home and talks with my parents late at night or taking drives with Alyssa and our talks. I miss my sisters Sommer and Brianna and my loves shay bugs and Lo. I miss their words of comfort and their hugs. I miss my G-ma and going to lunch with her or working for her just so we can spend time together.

The rest of the pain comes from missing my best friend. It's weird to know he is down the street from me but I can't see him or talk to him. I know were not together for a reason but it doesn't lesson the hurt and loss of a best friend. Like the quote above "love is not just looking at each other, but looking in the same direction." Ill find someone who has the same direction as me . I don't expect us to be exactly the same but I want us to have similar dreams and ideas for not only us but for our future family.

Like every other day all I can do is count my blessings because I have so many and draw closer to the Lord for help and guidance.

I miss you ALL!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


So last night I went on a date with one of my long time friends Jeff Whitlock. I have known him since I was a baby and have been friends ever since. Were both up here in Utah and he promised me a date before he left on his mission and since he's back now he followed up on that and took me out.
He picked me up at 7:30 (after getting lost) and we went to his apartment where his room mate and his date were waiting for us. They made us Fajitas and dip for dinner. It was super yummy and we had a good time talking!
After dinner they had planned for us to go swing dancing. I was pretty nervous to go cause I am not coordinated with my feet...hips yes feet no. I was glad it was with Jeff because hes known me long enough that I can look like a fool. When we showed up everyone there are big "Swing" people and his room mate had been before so he taught us a lot of moves and by the end we started to get the hang of it. I absolutely love that era so it as fun hearing the music and learning a new dance. It was even better that I got to hang out with one of my good friends who by the way is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet! Over all the night was successful and it was a great first date after a year :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Meet the Roomies!


These are my roomies up here in Provo. Their pretty awesome. I was pretty nervous to come back up here to a new room mates but we've hit it off pretty great! All of my room mates and I are single and ready to mingle so we have been having lots of fun getting out there and being social. We have a rule in our apartment that we don't date in the ward because its like peeing in the pool everyone knows and its really awkward. We've already come up with multiple inside jokes and love to have roomie movie nights which happens often. Ive seriously been soo blessed this semester to have such great room mates that I can talk to and feel comfortable around. Shout out to Julie for being my room roomie and dealing with me...your the bestest ever!!!