Saturday, July 14, 2012

Quick thought.

My heart is full right now and I want to remember it forever. I am feeling ever so grateful right now for my future and the life I have been able to live. On my way home from California last night Jeff and I had 7 hours of just us alone. We were able to talk and not just meaningless chatter but really talk. Talk about the people we wanted to become, talk about the trials we have been through, talk about his mission, our highest spiritual moments that confirmed our beliefs and testimonies. It was in those moments I let the tears flow and smile through them for the Man sitting next to me. My heart filled to the brim and spilled over and over again. I had spent countless times wondering what God had planned for me. Who he was reserving for me and only me. The man who would take me by the hand and walk in the Temple with me to be sealed for time and all eternity. I knew the characteristics I wanted and thought I needed. My sweet Heavenly Father knew far more then I did like always and has poured his blessing upon me with this Sweet Man of mine. He is mine forever and I am never giving him up. He is my better half in ways I never imagined he would be. He is my sweet patient humble man who helps me remember to stop before I react, to think if it really is important to jump to a quick emotion. And when I do he is ever so patient with me helping me see the bigger picture while I complain and then builds me up in to something better and helps me try harder for the next time. He serves me endlessly and gets nothing out of it but pure joy knowing he has made me happy and filled me up. He is everything I want and hope to be one day. He listens to me. I listen to him. In those moments we both feel the love we have radiating from each other. We both look at each and smile. I am thankful and full of gratitude. Ill love you forever Mr. Perkins. Your mine forever and always. Today is a day full of joy.