Sunday, June 30, 2013

Juston and Rylee Wedding

Juston and Rylee got married on June 1st 2013. That week was a whirlwind of busy. I had my brother and sister in law in town with their three littles. That always mean a party and late nights. We had temple nights for both Juston and Rylee, dinners and wedding planning. I was the "wedding coordinator" so to speak. My mother in law left me in charge since I love all things party planning. I got the DJ, Gelato, Catering, Picked out linens, Chair ties, Mason Jars and Made the centerpieces. Not only that, but all the details and decorations I had myself or borrowed. Hectic. Crazy. Busy. My soon to be sister in law had no opinion so I ran with what I thought would be best.

I am glad I was able to have the experience. I learned a lot. I am so happy for those two love birds and can't wait to see their future blossom.