Friday, October 31, 2008

Picture Galore!

Finally I have pictures thanks to Julie who is letting me upload pictures from her computer! So here are pictures from Julie's Ward Halloween Party and another night when we went to my Wars Halloween Party!

This is on Julie's lap top before we went out for my Ward Halloween Party. I got this Cat mask at Michael's before I came up here and used it one night

This I from Julie's Ward Halloween Party! She was a rocker chick and I was going for the Cindy Lauper 80's look! My room mate made my dress and with the left over fabric I made a belt and a head band.

Hope you all enjoy these pictures hopefully I can get a camera for my birthday (hint hint) and upload more pictures!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tag im IT!

Yay I finally have soemthing to blog about!! Hopefully you all learn something new about me :)

1.) I am absolutely obssesed with reading. Im the type of girl who is walking down the street with my nose in a book. Yes i know you all make fun of those people but I am one of them. I can't resist a good book just to get away for a little bit. My favorites are Harry Potter by far followed closely by twilight and many more!

2.) I am super scared of Hieghts. Like Alex I can not stand next to the railing at the mall for fear it will break and that will be my end. Also I have a great fear of piers. My family can atest for this. I usually have panick attacks while walking on them cause again its a fear of heights and I can see the ocean below me which scares me too.

3.) I do still sleep with my baby blanket which I named Daisy. I do not have to cuddle with it like I did when I was younger but just knowing it is there is a comfort to me.

4.) Another comfort of mine is my mom. When I was younger and still sometimes now I would always have to smell her cause for some reason it gives me comfort. Also when I was younger and my mom would go out of town I would make her leave me a shirt of hers to sleep with so that I could smell it until she was back.

5.)I absolutely HATE to do laundry,sweeping, mopping or dusting. I would much rather spend hours washing dishes vacumming or cleaning the bathroom...weird I know but I have no patience for any of those they irritate me so bad and I usually give up before the job is done.

6.)I can not have my food touching. Yes I am a freak I know. Its is impossible for me to eat my food if its touching. I do not let anyone dish up my food for me and if they do I grab it right away and seperate the food if it is touching. Theres just soemthing inside of me that freaks out when it is touching. Yes I know it all ends up in the same place but it tastes different when it touches.

7.) I have a guitly conscience 24/7. I know that sounds weird but the thing is if I ever fight with someone or anything like that I will have a guilty conscience. I can not go very long without apologizing and making things right. I do not like to hold grudges and I like to be friends with everyone of possible!

I hope you al enjoyed the 7 random facts about myself! I tag all those who read my blog!

Ps. I found a new job in orem!! WAHOOO!! oh and my birthday is on the 7th just a little reminder for all bloggers that my favorite holiday is coming up!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So there really isn't much going on in my life right now. Honestly I wake up and go to work come home and hangout with my room mates then go to bed and start all over again. I will give a few highlights of my past weeks though....

1. My review mirrior broke(just had to glue it back on)
2.I realized how much I miss Arizona heat
3. I got to see snow falling for the 1st time...while drinking hot cocoa :)
4. I got a calling in church on the activities committee
5. I bought my fabric for my halloween costume which is going to be bomb

Other than that nothing has been going on just having fun meeting lots of people and still trying to find a job closer to me.

Oh and I pretty much have the best room mates ever! My room mate Geana is pretty amazing. I was so worried that we wouldnt get along or something and I know the lord answered my prayers with this concern of mine cause I love her! We have so much in common with each other and she is one of the most easy going girls I know! My other room mates are great too and are so nice! Each night before bed we sit in the living room and tell eachother about our the worst and best parts of the day and end with a room mate prayer. It defiantly has brought us closer together and I am so thankful for this opportuinty to learn and grow!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Ive done my homework...

For those of you who don't know this homework family decided before I moved up that my 1st weeks homework should be to get a kiss. Each day my family would ask me "so Stephanie hows your homework going" and each time I would say "its not going anywhere"and it continued even more when I started dating a guy in my ward up here and since he is from Arizona my family has given me permission to date him. So here mom, bri, lyss and sommer......I have done my homework!