Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas Eve is spent with the Perkins every year. They always play big games and this year Greg my Father in Law decided to add an obstacle course. I declined on that event and held the baby instead. I am not big into competition but I enjoyed playing the sling shot game and ghost in the grave yard. After the obstacle course Santa came to visit which was my Sister in Laws step dad Richard. Then came Ghost in the graveyard which ^ you can see ended well. Jeff was hiding under a tree and got up too fast trying to chase us and went head first into a branch. Thankfully his sister saw him and we got him cleaned up and iced up. This would be his 2nd concussion of the year. I told him next time he is wearing a helmet.

On Christmas morning I had to sneakily convince Jeff to go upstairs because his present was on my parents porch. Thats his ^ reaction when he saw I bought him a mini bike (this is pre concussions) I kept that bad boy a secret and could not wait to to show him. He was amazed I got him such a cool gift. After presents because that thing was his while Christmas we went over to my sister Alyssa's house for breakfast and Birthday for my grandma. How cute is Papa Chuck ^ pushing Rio around in the back yard. The boys played some new game Brian had gotten for Christmas. That afternoon we all joined back up at my parents (we rent the basement) for a late lunch, presents and games. We opened presents and played a white elephant game. It was such a memorable Christmas!

December Photo Dump

The week before Christmas break my work put on a Work/Christmas party at Tia Rosas in Gilbert. They had piƱatas, endless drinks and good food. We all got a small gift from our favorites list we turn in once we start working. I got some goodies and it felt good to be recognized by the principal/owner of the school.

December is a crazy month not only because of christmas, but birthdays. In my family we start with Papa Chucks, then Sommers, Shaynies, Grandma Karen on Christmas Eve, Grandma Bertha on Christmas and ending with Rio on New Years Eve. These are the only pictures I snagged during birthday season. The Hello Kitty is from Sommer and Shays Sunday Birthday and the rest are from Rio's. Along with birthdays Jeff and I went to the Huffaker Christmas party and spent lots of time with Jeff's family since he has siblings who live out of state. It was quite a busy month for us.