Thursday, January 10, 2013

Reception Part One

Before the Reception Jeff and I went home, took a nap and went to Red Robin for burgers. Im sure people thought I looked out of place with my pearls and updo in street clothes but we were starving. Around 4:30 we went to the Wright House and I was BLOWN away with how gorgeous it was. My mom, sisters, Lori Crum, and Debbie Brenner seriously went above and beyond my expectations and dreams of a beautiful reception. I got so many compliments on its beauty and I wish I could take credit, but these women took my colors and ideas and made it come to life. My brother in law Brian is an amazing chef and offered to make the food for my wedding. It was pulled pork sandwiches, rolls, salad and a pasta salad. It was amazing food! Mouth watering food. So good! He has a gift. My mom has a group of friends that were so kind enough to be the "caters" so my brother in law and sister could enjoy the wedding. I am so grateful for their service and love for me to do this! My sister Brianna did my bouquet, the bracelets for the bridesmaids/ mothers/ grandmas and the butoniers for jeff/ groomsmen/ fathers/ grandpas. She has such a talent for flowers and pretty much anything crafty! All of the mason jars were from our proposal. I saved them and we were able to hang them in the tree and through out the grounds.

We also were blessed with my aunt (who caters Gelato) to come and do it at our wedding. I didn't get to try any, but I hear it was a hit! We had a popcorn bar too. Oh man so good! We had loads and loads left over after the wedding, it was delicious.  Everything turned out amazing!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

For Time and All Eternity

August 24th, 2012 I was sealed to my best friend for time and all eternity. We got talked into doing a morning sealing so I was up at the crack of dawn to get my hair and make up done by my sister Brianna. My other sister Alyssa was also there getting ready herself. That morning it was raining. Everyone in my family was texting me or asking me if I was okay that it was raining. I just laughed, I love the rain and my Husband to be is a even bigger fan of the rain. We took it as a sign of good luck. My sweet fiance showed up in high spirits and after my mom loosing her recommend we decided to head on out on our own to the temple.

One of the most special parts of that day was being in the brides room with my mom as she got me dressed and ready for my sealing. As Jeff and I waited for our friends and family to enter the sealing room we had the opportunity to talk with a temple worker. He was the sweetest elderly man. He has been married 3 times. His first marriage his wife died of cancer, his second wife was killed in a car accident and he is now married to his third wife. He had such a great spirit about him and a diligence to his marriage. The best advice I have received was from him. He said he and his wives have never fought once. They both take a step back before a fight and look at it in their companions eyes. He said everyone has a different way of doing things and it does not make them wrong.

Shortly after we were blessed with the opportunity to be sealed. Our sealer was Brad Perkinson. He married my parents and all 3 of my sisters, so it was extra special to be the last one of the Lee's he was going to seal. He gave us lots of advice and brought the spirit to our sealing. I am so very grateful for the eternal commitments I made there with my sweet heart!

After the sealing I went to the brides room to change into my wedding dress and was so blessed to have my mom and all three sisters there helping me. It made me so sad and happy all at once. Those women are my best friends and are the strongest women I know. I am so blessed to call them mine. It was so fun getting to exit the Temple with Jeff knowing we were going to be together forever! The rain had cleared up and it was hot and humid. We didn't spend too much time taking pictures and were able to go home to our new apartment which is right on the same street as the Temple.

A Special Night

I had the opportunity to go through the Mesa, Arizona Temple on August 18th. I was a ball full of nerves all day. Literally. I said multiple prayers offering everything I had just for a little peace. I wasn't nervous that I was making the wrong choice, but that something would go wrong or I would make a mistake in the Temple. It was such a surreal experience walking beyond the walls that have been a veil of the unknown for my whole life. To hand my recommend to the elderly gentlemen to go around the corner and see what everyone has been trying to prepare me for. It is restricted of me to talk about the Holiness that happens with in those walls, but I left that night with a thought of Heaven. That is what Heaven looks like. Busy brother and sisters doing Our Fathers work. Peace, Fulfillment, Grace, Glory and a Purpose.

I am so very thankful to have had my mom with me every step of the way. She was my saving grace. She was so patient and encouraging of me. There was a special sister there also that brought so much warmth and the Holy Spirit to my first time there. I wish I could remember her name, but I don't. She was an elderly lady shorter then me with a thin frame and a cute pixie cut. She had the biggest smile with the warmest heart. She repeatedly told me how special this was for me and how proud she was of me. I am tearing up at the thought of her. To have a complete stranger tell you she is proud of you is such a reward. I was so blessed to have her by my side. She brought peace to that process and a knowledge that I was being blessed for my choices.

I had such a great spiritual experience while I was with her. I know with out a doubt that the Temple is a sacred place and a refuge from the world. I went on to finish the process feeling on cloud 9 until the sweet temple workers lost my Fiance. I just sat there with a smile on while screaming inside. I had one gentlemen tell me how great it was to see me smiling amidst the turmoil. Secretly I was screaming in my head. Eventually they tracked him down after having to go to the Temple President for some help. They put him in the wrong session since ours had been moved from lack of room for our family. It was so great to see his face and to have him by my side. The rest of the time spent I probably had a looked that could kill. My nerves were back after that experience. Family, friends and advisers suggest that you pay attention to the feeling not the learning your first time. Easier said then done. Over all though the experience was amazing. I wish I could do it all over again.

After the Temple we went to my future sister in laws house to go swimming and eat food. Everyone was pretty exhausted but im grateful they pushed through it to make my night full of family and love. Jeff and I took off after a while to spend some time with each other and to share our Patriarticle Blessing with one another. I am so grateful that we got to experience that together. He is a special man and I am grateful he took me through the Temple and is a worthy Priesthood holder for our family.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bridal Shower

On July 31, 2012 was my bridal shower! My best friends mom Mrs. Debbie Brenner hosted my shower at her house along with my bestie Jen, my sisters and my mom. My shower was fabulous! The mexican food was delicious and I was so blessed with friends and family showing up!

This handsome hunk showed up at the end with flowers and a kiss :) (Lee girl tradition for the grooms to be to do ) Love him so much!


At the end of July Jeff and I took our Bridals/Groomals. Finding a photographer was the hardest part of planning a wedding. My sisters all had Mark Mabry as their photographer so matching that talent was hard with a limited budget, but I seriously fell in LOVE with Aubry Startin's Photography. She was amazing to work with and the pictures turned out amazing! I wanted to do temple pictures and some at a different location. I don't like modern or overdone, I wanted classic, rustic country looking and thats impossible to find in good ol Mesa. One day my mom and I were driving around and found the most perfect spot, but it was someones home and property. So of course we pulled over, knocked on the door and the owner was so generous in letting us use his land. Without further adieu...

 I loved have a big reveal of my dress for Jeff.

 This is the only pictures we have in front of the temple...oops!

 My mom made my veil out of the lace from her wedding dress.
It is my favorite and holds such a special spot.

This isn't even all of the pictures just a lot of my favorites :)