Thursday, March 7, 2013


I don't think I took a single picture during all our events in January. First off we had New Years Eve. It was kind of a bust, but oh well. A little bit of fireworks and then in bed by 11:30. Pretty lame. Right before New Years was Rio Mae's 1st birthday and my sister threw her a party shortly after. Then we had my sister in law Jills birthday. Then Harlo's 3rd birthday, Brianna's 26th, Bentley's 2nd, My Moms and last my brother in law Brian's Birthday. Between December and January we celebrate 12 Birthdays. It gets quite expensive but were always partying! It's not much but I wanted to write it down.

Our First Christmas


It was our very first Christmas as a married couple. Last Christmas was our second date at Jeff's old apartment, watching a movie. We didn't do a big Christmas together since we both already got each other big gifts. Jeff got new clubs and I got makeup/perfume. Jeff got to open a blanket I made him, clothes from his mom and some goodies in his stocking. I got sweats and a jacket from my mother in law, a gift card from the hubs and some goodies in my stocking. We visited Jeff's family then went to my Grandma's for Christmas with my family. It was my Grandmas 83rd birthday!! We had lots of fun eating, watching t.v. and watching the kiddos open gifts.