Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dating Bites...

like a rabid dog.

Vent session is needed. This past week has been a whirlwind of meeting new people specifically 3 guys. To keep everything clear we'll start with the 1st one.

Guy 1
I met "Scott" at a church function a week ago and we hung out the whole night and the next morning. He got my number we went our separate ways until that evening when HE called me and invited me to a FAMILY birthday party. After the party we went and saw a movie with his friend and my friend. Low and behold he says so are you gonna be my cuddle buddy blah blah blah. The cuddling was mild. Basically sitting close and some arm tickling. Whoopi. We end the night with a smile on my face none the less. Then comes Sunday when "Scott" texts me and says things are going too fast and he just wants to be friends. He dtr'ed(define the relationship) me after 2 days. Wow. This past week he has contacted me first each day and we've hung out twice as "friends" BUT the guy has the balls to text me one day and say he needs a cuddle/make out buddy. JERK.

Guy 2
"Kevin" and I have been texting for quite some time and see each other every so often and just recently he asked me out on a date. Noo he didn't call. He texted. Noo he didn't pick me up. He asked me to meet him there. Heart of gold but where is the chivalry? Your quite a bit older and don't understand that aspect yet...hmm?

Guy 3
I got set up with "Dan" on a blind date for today. "Dan" texts me Friday asking me if I want to get a treat the next day. I give him the benefit of the doubt for texting and say yes. Then "Dan" asks me to meet him there. Again give him the benefit of the doubt with the whole blind date thing. Saturday comes and I get a text saying theres a change of plans and I'm welcome to come with him on a family outing or that we can meet later. I chose meet later. Except I may have lied and said my battery on my car died just to get him to be gentlemen to pick me up. "Dan" sets the time for 3 only to show up at 3:30. Does NOT open my door and the date goes on to ice cream and awkward conversation. 45 minutes later he drops me off in the parking lot next to my house cause he wants to go shopping.

Do I have low value tattooed on my forehead or are guys blind?!?
I honestly don't get any of this nonsense. Where are all the chivalrous MEN!? Im so over BOYS. Immature. Jerky. Not competent BOYS. I am so over the dating scene. I am beyond annoyed being treated the way I have been treated. The last time I have been called up, picked up and treated like I was on a date was in MAY!

If you're not being treated with love and respect, check your price tag. Perhaps you have marked yourself down. It's you who tells people what you're worth by what you accept. Get off the clearance rack and get behind the glass where they keep the valuables! Learn to value yourself more! If you don't, no one else will!

I know of my worth and I know I am a great catch! I know these guys are missing out on something great. One day it will all make sense but right now I am over the dating scene. I am over putting myself out there and being friendly just to receive experiences like this.

The question is is it wrong to tell a guy when he texts you that you would like a phone call or is it wrong to tell a guy you deserve to be picked up and not "met"??

Over Dating!

Sunday, October 2, 2011


This post is LONG overdue. Back in May I went on a trip with my dad and grandma back east. First stop was Pennsylvania. No one really knows this about me but I am a lover of
history, especially the civil war. Back when I was a kid it was a way that my dad and I bonded. We have been planning this trip since I was a little girl and finally made it a reality this past May. Out first stop was Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Such a cute little town! Side note...had NO clue they had a college there. We spent a couple days there first. The night we got there we walked around downtown which is so quant and felt like a movie set. Buildings would have plaques stating it was historic and the history behind it. Some buildings still had bullet holes from the war in them. The 2nd day we went down to the history center they have, walked around the museum, watched a movie and then had the opportunity to get a guide to drive us around for a few hours to the sites around and give a history report on everything. That night we went on a "ghost" tour through the town...such a bust. Wouldn't ever waste my money ever again on something so lame. With out further adieu I have a major overload of pictures.

(these are in no particular order and after bout 10 pictures of trying to arrange them I stopped so theres less to look through now )
(this is the Pennsylvania monument that our tour guide wouldn't stop so I could get a decent picture. It is the largest monument on the grounds.)

(This is a statue/monument of Robert E. Lee who was the Confederate leader/general. He is my many greats grandpas cousin)

(Replica cannons of what the soldiers would of used)

(The union soldiers uniforms)

(in downtown Gettysburg, there were plaques everywhere)

(this is at top of one of the big battles. The north was sure they were going to loose with the low numbers they had but end up winning and had a prime spot)

(the houses were so amazing! I loved everything about them)

(One of the many statues we have pictures in front of...don't remember the significance of this one...oops)
(In the museum..the Confederate soldiers uniforms)

next stop Antietam....

Saturday, October 1, 2011


I won’t apologize for being a little less than happy for once because I’ve learned not to apologize for my emotions over the years, but it is a bummer that it’s consumed me this much.