Friday, March 4, 2011

Im not Perfect

I know I have spent far too long using the excuse I am not perfect.
Not only has this been a hard couple of years. I am still learning.
I am learning to find myself all over again after going through life changing experiences.
I know I have been in a rut trying to figure out life. My direction. What I wanted to happen.
I chose Positiveness.
The next day after making this not so life altering decision I slept through my alarm clock.
My car decided to not start. I was late for work and fearing the worst.
My boss is a quiet man and I never know if i am pleasing or disappointing.
I was on edge all morning letting my imagination run wild about my boss getting upset. Co-workers making fun of me for being late and worrying about my day being thrown off.
I was waiting. waiting some more. even more waiting for it all to fall apart.
I knew it would.
It never happened.
It never happened because I realized I was the one putting those pressures on myself.
I felt so silly. So ridiculously silly.
I choose to be positive.
Life will continue to happen good bad wonderfully ugly. It will happen.
How immature of me to sit and wait for life to fall apart when my day was not perfect.
I was the one being negative while life went on with out me.
My boss smiled and waved at me pulling in. My co-workers never mentioned me being late.
That day every song I loved was played back to back on the radio. I found a wonderful blog about being happy woman.
I chose to be happy.
It was a great day.