Monday, March 31, 2014

March Photo Dump

At the beginning of March my best friend Jennifer Brenner graduated from dental Hygiene School. I was elated she asked me to come. She has worked so hard these past two years to accomplish this and I am so proud of her!

Just a beautiful site on a walk I took. I love living close to the Temple.

Jeff and I babysat these hooligans and took them to costco with us. They were so patient (and begged) for a treat so we bought them pizza, ice cream and a churro while they watched a movie.

We have been in primary for almost two years now. The kids can get restless so at the end of each class we play Simon Says. Sometimes they do some crazy things we just have to document.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Monroe Julia Harman

On March 26, 2014 miss Monroe was born in the early morning. I personally think she looks like a mini me, but I have been told my sister and I look the most alike. The name Monroe comes from our Great Grandpa on my dad's side and Julia is Brian's moms name who passed away. I hated being at work all day not being able to come see her, but as soon as work was over I rushed over so fast to snuggle that little babe. She is a dream boat ^ isn't she? Big sisters were loving smothering her with love and kisses then the next second be done and wanting to roam the hospital haha. We love you Monroesy Posy! 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring Break

Over Spring Break we packed up and flew to Colorado for a few days to see some of our best friends the Templins. Jeff met Kurt at BYU Idaho and then he and his wife Emily moved to Arizona after they had graduated. Jeff spent many nights before we met with them and became best friends with them. I only got to spend a short amount of time with them before they moved so this was such a treat being able to visit. Our first day we saw the Colorado Temple, had donuts and walked around downtown Denver. Denver legalized pot and boy could you smell it every where. Eeeeh!

That same day for lunch we wanted to try something local and they took us to Crave Burger. OH MY GOSH. Best burger of my life! I have to describe each burger below or I will hate myself.

This is the burger I got. Its the Popper burger. That big deep fried thing is a homemade jalapeño popper, to die for!

This is the burger Jeff got. Don't remember the name, but the bun is grilled cheese sandwiches!

This is what Kurt got. Hamburger with ham, pulled pork and candied bacon....uh meat attack!?

This is what Emily got, similar to mine, but instead of jalapeño it was cheddar cheese. So good! That night we played a loong game of Apples to Apples.

The next day we went to Tucanos. YUM! We needed to be rolled out of there after lunch. We then stopped by a landmark which unfortunately I can not remember the name of. So pretty though. Look at that ^ That night Kurts mom watched their little girl Elli while we had a date night to Dave and Busters.

On our last day we woke up to snow! We were expecting that our whole trip so I planned outfits around being cold. The first two days I was hot! It was fun. We were able to drive around town see all the cool houses (famous people like Peyton Manning) and see where Kurt grew up. That night before our flight we went to Kurts sisters house for his moms birthday dinner and then off to the airport we went. It was such a fun and NEEDED trip for us. We don't vacation much and it was great catching up with friends and seeing how big Ellie had gotten!