Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The many Blessings in my life

Last night I was talking with my sister Alyssa about life and the many challenges in it. Ive been a little bummed lately with no job and stressing over paying for things and a wedding. When we were talking she was so calm and patient and happy. I noticed how extremely happy she was and I asked her whats helping and she said prayer. She was saying how at peace shes at when shes praying and having a relationship with her Heavenly Father. How she is so much less selfish by praying and she is so thankful for more things. The more talking we did the more thankful I became for things....
I have the most amazing parents ever! Their so selfless and always trying to do and give the best to us. My mom has taught me to be a independent strong young woman and to never settle for less than I deserve. My dad has taught me always forgive others. He has taught me diligence and hard work through his own example and has made me want that in my eternal companion.

Sommer and Byron are also another blessing in my life. Sommer is so amazing! She is prolly the kindest unselfish person I know. She is always looking for the best in others and I seriously never hear her talk about anyone badly. Her husband Byron is also so great. He is such a great dad and husband and always has my best interest at heart.

Then theres Brianna and Brian. Brianna is such a inspiration to everybody. She never realizes the impact she is in everyones life. Just with a smile or hug she makes things better. She is always willing to help others no matter what and never asks for anything in return. Brian is also up there with her being a inspiration to people and not knowing it. He is the funniest happiest guy I know who is always looking on the bright side.

This is "Luce" as I call her. We are the closest in age and seem to fight the most. But we also have such a great relationship. We are very protective of eachother and stick to eachother like glue. She has the best spirit about her. Some may not know that but she is one of the kindest loving people I know. Whenever I need her for anything she is always there for me 100 %

I have the best family a girl could ask for. I wouldnt Trade them for anything and love everything about them. I am so thankful for little texts and conversations I get to have with them and the examples they are to me!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My little home...

Mine and Julies room....My bed is on the right

I love love love shabby chic

The dresser..movies...and my headbands

We both had a S and J

Our bathroom...so nice not having to share with 5 girls this year

Our walk in closet!!

My decor :)

Julies and my style is soo different. She loves the Beatles and so went with that theme and I love shabby chic so we are defiantly complete opposites but LOVE rooming with her! We have the funnest times and get along great!! Life in good ol Utah is good so far. I miss my family ALOT and not really looking forward to the snow but life goes on and having Julie and Nate helps alot :)