Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Mama!!!!!!!!

January 28th was my sweet mamas birthday!! My mom is the most amazing person!! If I could id lend her out to others but I am much too selfish and like her all to myself. She is amazing in most every way. She can fix just about, furniture, your heart, sink...anything really! I look up to her so much and strive everyday to be like her. She has a tender heart and has taught us to forgive and love always. Many people stop my mom and I and say wow you two are like twins which in return she apologizes to ME! I am soo blessed to look like my mom and feel its a compliment...she is a beautiful woman inside and out and I am blessed to call her my mama! She is always telling us to remember how great we are and mom remember how GREAT YOU ARE!! I love you to the care bears and back!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I can't believe im not married...

I was reading a friends blog and she posted about this guy who posted an ad to avoid dating and let them know upfront about his quirks instead of talking himself up. I loved her post and thought id copy her with my own ad.

Stephanie's Ad:
-I don't think chocolate and peanut butter should ever be mixed. Worst combination ever.

-I am very picky when it comes to movies and what ill watch.

-Im oddly always on time. I hate being late makes me nervous.

-I crack my knuckles hourly. Its a bad habit.

-You could not pay me enough to watch Lord of the rings, Avatar or any of those weirdo movies.

-I am not very sanitary. If I could id go barefoot everywhere.

-I love the smell of black sharpies.

-I don't answer my phone. I think that's why my family has stopped calling me.

-Id rather wear men's deodorant then woman's.

-Im anti social. I enjoy small groups or being alone. I get drained fast when too many people are around.

Who's ready to date me :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Today is a hard day

Today I deal with heart break. Today I wonder what I could of done better and why I wasn't what he wanted anymore. Today I look back on pictures and cry a little here and there. Today I wonder why he couldn't or wouldn't communicate with me until it was too late. Today I wonder when ill have that love again and how much more my patience will be tested. Today I miss my Best Friend and cry over the loss of what could of been. Today I turn to the Lord and pray with all my might that this pain will go away.
Today I look to the Heaven's and count my blessings to get me through the day.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New year New me

Ive made it to 2010 in one piece surprisingly. 2009 has defiantly been a crazy ride for me and I am entering 2010 as a whole new person. I am starting 2010 single and can do for me 24/7. The lord defiantly has a plan for me and so do I. For 2010 I am going to be Fearless. Im going to test the my limits and put my fears to rest. This is the year to reinvent myself and start fresh.

2010 Fearless List:

1. Go back to school. Ive always wanted to go to school but was always too scared id be wasting my money or wouldn't do good.

2. I want to eat healthy. Everyone has this goal and I am not afraid of this but I want to eat healthy to take care of my body and exercise to keep me strong.

3. I want to go to Africa. Ive always wanted to do this for the longest time. I want to go volunteer in an orphanage or teach English or just be of help to the people.

4.Date fearlessly. Its time I broaden my horizons while staying true to myself.

5. Go skydiving. I have major fear of heights and especially ones that involve possibly dying. I may or may not accomplish this goal but this year I am going to face my fear of heights. Im not going to play it safe this year.

6. Travel. I am going to take this opportunity to not think about doing what others want but what I want and I want to travel to many places.

This list will continue to grow and each time I accomplish one I will cross it off. This is my year and im going to make it the best!