Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Jeff's Birthday and a big Surprise

Jeff had his 27th birthday on May 18th. It landed on a Sunday so the night before we went out with our good friends the Larsen's to Oregano's which is Jeff's favorite.

 On Sunday we celebrated his birthday over at his mom's house since his WHOLE family was in town. It is a hard task to get everyone together. One family lives in Ohio and his younger sister lives in Utah. My grandma made him his special orange cake and his mom made his favorite meal. Meat and ranch potatoes. He got a mini bike for Christmas so that was his birthday gift also and a new pair of running shoes. 
(That smile....its like he thinks I am going to hurt him with my camera)


I am pregnant. I am pretty "regular" and was suppose to start before the weekend and I never did so all weekend which was Jeff's birthday weekend we kept waiting and waiting for mother nature. She never showed so on Monday May 19th 2014 I went to the dollar store to pick up this bad boy. The rest of the night we danced around the topic and tried to pretend it didn't exist mainly because we were both freaking out. We live in my parents basement apartment so keeping this from them all night was hard especially when they wanted to eat dinner together and watch a tv show (most likely The Bachelor). 

We finally sucked it up and I took the test. I never realized two minutes could last that long in my life. I felt the world spinning around me and I wasn't prepared either way for what the test would say. We had been talking about when to start a family and I was more ready then Jeff, but both had decided to wait until we got answers to other questions we had. When I turned over that test those two lines stared back at me. We both went into shock and I couldn't breath. This wasn't in our plan to have a baby yet but here it was a baby was coming. The funny thing is shortly after that I lost my job and I thought this couldn't seriously be happening, but the answers we were looking for came and things worked out. Heavenly Father knew we needed to move forward with making decisions and blessing us with this baby helped push us in that direction. After all the hyperventilating we hugged and grinned and grinned. We had no clue how we were going to keep this a secret. 

Saturday, May 3, 2014


On May 2nd my sister in law Jill got engaged to Winston Farr. He was planning on surprising her and have the whole family in the yard to watch, but some unfortunate events I didn't make it (stupid car problems) So happy for her and her future!!