Friday, November 11, 2011

Dear Old Man..

Dear Old Man...
Who comes into my work often. We have never spoken before yet today you were quite fond of me. Thank you for the candy but I don't know why you would think a man as old and creepy looking as you with tattoos and missing teeth would think I a young 23 year old would be interested in you. It is beyond me. No I don't want you to ask me about my interests and hobbies. No I don't want to give you my number so you can take me on a date. I all of the sudden hate BBQ now. Thank you. No I don't want your number and I will NOT be calling you if I get bored. Silly me to think you wanted a high five after I very bluntly said No I don't want to go out or give my number out when you creepily just wanted to size up my hand. Gross. Please never talk to me again or even look in my direction next time you come in.

My life should be a Reality TV Show.