Friday, February 28, 2014

January/February Photo Dump

This is honestly the only picture I can find from January anywhere on my phone or computer. Pathetic huh? January brought my sister in law Jills birthday, my niece Harlo's, my sister Brianna, my nephew Bentley and my Mom's birthday. We have a lot of birthdays between December and January. Followed closely by my brother in Law Brian's birthday in February.

We got to enjoy taking a tour of the Gilbert Open House (if I have my dates wrong I'm sorry. My computer says I took this pic in February) I got to go a couple times to see it. Wow! It is magnificent inside and I have since had the privilege to go inside after the dedication. So beautiful!

In February also the school I work for had a school Carnival and the Ground Breaking of their new school location. Both times I had the opportunity to take pictures for them. The ground breaking actually made it into the newspaper which was cool seeing my name as the photographer. Not gonna lie, that crossed off a bucket list of mine. 

Leonard Family

In February I had the chance to take Alyssa and Gareths Family picture before they became a family of TWO! No one knew besides family that they were pregnant and they wanted to make a little announcement. I love this location and they were sports trying different poses for me.