Sunday, February 24, 2013

Harman Family Photos

Right before Christmas my sister Brianna asked me to take their family pictures. Look at them. They're a model family!

Again email me if your interested in pictures!


Right before Thanksgiving I got to assist a fellow photographer at a wedding she was shooting. Carly Homer used to be in my parents ward and has done family pictures for us before. She is the sweetest person and was extremely gracious in letting me come and assist her. In the short time I got to shoot with her I learned so much about my camera and lens. The wedding we shot was for a couple named Lindsay and Jeff. It was such a blast and a great learning experience!

You can reach me at if your interested in pictures :)

Thanksgiving 2012

Being newly married has been such a treat during the holidays. Never again will we have a First Thanksgiving together. Everything is so fresh, new and exciting. This year Thanksgiving was spent with my family at my Grandma Berthas house. Food was delicious as always. The games were fun and the company was the best!