Friday, May 31, 2013

May Photo Dump

Sometime in May Jeff and I planned a Saturday to take my family to the lake. Jeff has been coming to this spot since high school. It is a little bit of a hike, but so worth it. Most of the tubers are further south of us so you don't get the yuck that comes with that. We packed lunches and spent the day spear fishing and splashing around. Probably one of my favorite times.

In May also we had the opportunity to go up to Jeff's dad's cabin in Tonto Basin. Jaron, Abby and Jill were all in town for Juston and Rylee's wedding so it made it a lot of fun. I will never go tubing ever again, but the experience was fun. My sweet husband told my father in law that it would be okay to torment me and torment he did. My neck hurt for days.

Mothers Day 2013

Here is the link to Vimeo-Mothers Day Video 2013
 My sisters and I have always wanted to make a video for our mom for a long time. Brianna came up with this idea along with the songs and I put it together. When we showed her on Mothers Day there wasn't a dry eye. Were such sentimentals in my family.

Jeffs Birthday

Mr. Perkins had a birthday on May 18th. Shortly after my last post life got hectic and HARD. Between Jeff's medical insurance to jobs and school. It was all we could do to keep our heads above water. Through it all though this sweet guy has been by my side. Sometimes I look at him and marvel at the fact that he is mine. Forever.

Jeff turned 26 in May. He thinks he is an old bat now, but I think he is still young. It helps when he has a personality and humor of a 5 year old. I have a mental list of the many anecdotes I want to share of Jeff. Speaking of which, he is sitting right by me and I was saying maybe I will call it Heppa's Humor. (His nickname is Heppa). His response was in a loud boisterous voice "Oooh ohh what about Watch Out for Heppatitus". Kid you not. This guy keeps me young. He is the ying to my yang.

I love this cutie with all my heart! He is everything I am not. He brings me back down when I am crazy Stephanie from the stress of the world. His laugh is contagious (and a wee bit high), I love tickling him, cause he is the most ticklish man I have ever met. His laugh and smile only bring out the best and ease the burdens in life. We have the best conversations, usually at the most inopportune time, but I would't trade them for the world. The world can wait, but he can not. He is my everything and I love him!